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How To Create Dynamic Content On Instagram That Converts To Leads

For 70 percent of real estate agents, the aim of creating an Instagram page is to create brand awareness. Whether this is your goal or not, we all desire the same thing: more sales. Luckily, there is a science behind social media success. 

Firstly—and this is essential—diversify your content. The real estate business is relentless and competitive, so it should take up as much of your feed as it does your life. You do, however, need to attract people by humanizing yourself, and inviting people into your world and what you do aside from your job. Entertain people with videos of your hobbies, content with the whole family, or boomerangs of dinner out with the team. Captivating your audience is fundamental to keeping them engaged with your content until the moment they’re ready to discuss a buying opportunity with you. This also means pointing the camera at the people around you, especially the team you work with. Initially, people want to know who’s behind the business, so an introduction to each member and what they can do for the audience is the ideal way to pique people’s interest. 

Once you have attracted and engaged your audience, it’s time to educate them with information they can save for later. When your content is bookmarked, not only do you improve your ranking with the algorithm but you have also created followers that will be returning to your page. Useful infographics not only draw in potential business partners, but they also demonstrate your authority on the subject of real estate to future clients. The best way to put your knowledge forward is through the use of infographics that break down the information you’d like to teach. Tailor your infographics to your audience and your brand with your use of design and voice. This way, your feed will become more memorable and visually appealing. An aspect of working in real estate is having an eye for design, so when you’re consistent about the overall look of your Instagram grid, you’re exhibiting your professionalism and your creativity.

Lastly, let’s motivate your followers; the two best ways to do this are through video—in which you inspire people with your knowledge and experience—and text designs, with quotes people can share out. Each share of your motivational quotes gets you free advertising, and for the right reasons. Instilling a drive to be more successful will likely lead to more successful connections, and when you’re the source of positivity, who do you think they’ll return to?

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