Sep 01, 2020 by - Kathrin Rein

Your best response to unkind people

We all know the kind of realtor or client who is just a jerk. No matter what you do or how professional you are, they just always find something wrong with the world.

I had to learn the hard truth that there are people in this world that you just cannot please. 

You will not change their mind nor will you ever make them happy so stop trying so hard.

You won’t win an award trying to please them because I can tell you one thing: You will fail and even be more frustrated than before.

One thing that always works though to quiet them is if you do not respond to their insanity with aggravation. If you stay calm and kind and focused. Some people get their energy from making other people upset. They literally thrive on it. 

Other people throw their own problems on others so if they are mean or in a bad mood, they might have issues in their own life and by you being kind you can turn their whole world around. We never know what is going on in people’s lives and we are so easy to judge others. I have had many clients that were very harsh in the beginning and turned out to have a golden heart after I was understanding and kind to them. Some of them even apologized later for the way they acted.

It is hard to stay calm and kind all the time.

I have my days when I just want to tell the other realtor to f@&$ off, trust me. In our business, we are faced with so much competition, so much unfairness and so much unkindness. It is a tough business to be in.

I challenge myself to be different every day. To be kind no matter what. Most of the time I win. Sometimes I do not. If I don’t success I still have to be kind: to myself.

Here are a few tips to stay calm:

  1. Try not to take things personally 
  2. Count until 3 before you respond
  3. Smile


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