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— by Knolly Williams

Why Agents Don’t Prospect

Real Estate Agents are notorious for HALTING their prospecting and lead generation efforts when they get too busy. Just like the world’s largest corporations, you should NEVER stop lead generating. If you want to reach your highest levels of success, you must carve out 2-3 Hours EVERY MORNING Monday-Friday to do your LEAD GEN no matter what; and don’t ever stop that practice.

As you may already know, I am focused on teaching my students how to generate MORE LISTINGS! In my own practice, I listed an average of 10 homes a month for more than 10 years in a row. What is the ONE THING that allowed me to list more than 1000 houses during my first 10 years in the business? A Daily Prospecting Schedule. This daily practice allowed me to pay off my house, pay off all debt and retire from the business at age 45. There are a several excuses that real estate agents provide for why they do not prospect regularly.

The truth is, no excuse is warranted or valid. 

Lead Generation is a daily activity and you have to be completely committed to this daily activity if you are going to have any hopes of long term success in the real estate game.


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