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8 Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics for Growth in 2022

In an unpredictable and ever-changing real estate market, it’s more important than ever for agents to pack their pipeline for long-term, sustainable success. In order to do so, you need the latest and greatest strategies that generate leads and listings for a consistent business. Discover 8 of the best lead generation tactics to scale and grow your business in 2022.

1. Prospect Expireds for Hot & Motivated Sellers

Calling expired listings is one of the best, quickest ways to get business. These leads are low-hanging fruit who have already expressed an interest to sell, but their agent couldn’t get the job done. This is where you come in.

Top-producer Deric Lipski listed 28 homes in one month just from prospecting to expireds. “I didn’t get that one appointment and decided I was done for the day. I kept calling, I kept closing and I kept getting more appointments.” He didn’t let rejection or fear stop him from reaching his goals.

2. Create Facebook Ads to Generate Quality Leads

In order to reach as many homeowners as possible, you have to go where people spend a LOT of time… Facebook! The average adult spends 38 minutes/day on Facebook. That’s why many agents are using Facebook Ads to get in front of more people.

Facebook marketing guru, Travis Thom, uses the acronym BURST to make effective Facebook Ads that keep leads coming to him for business.

Brand Awareness – Your story and “why”
Untapped Opportunity – Something people don’t have access to
Reciprocity – Authority through education — providing value
Social Proof – Testimonials and reviews
Trust – Build a strong foundation

3. Nurture Your Sphere of Influence for Simple Success

One of the best (and easiest) ways to generate business is from people who already know, like, and trust you. So while cold calling requires building a new relationship, your sphere of influence (SOI) is a much easier conversation. A lot of agents neglect their SOI and miss out on easy repeat and referral business.

Brian Icenhower ( guarantees that, if you call each person in your SOI at least twice a year, you’ll have consistent commissions no matter what.

4. Circle Prospect Neighborhoods to Find Business

If you don’t want to deal with angry homeowners, circle prospecting is one of the best ways to pack your pipeline. Use GeoLeads™ to call around a neighborhood and become known as the local real estate expert by informing people about open houses, just listed/just solds, estimated home values, and more.

Real estate coach Alex Piech had 300 transactions in one year (with an above-average turnover rate) by circle prospecting neighborhoods – all using a simple script to find interested homeowners.

5. Call Vacant Rental Properties to List More Homes

List multiple properties from a single lead by prospecting to For-Rent-By-Owner (FRBO) leads. FRBOs are typically owned by independent landlords or multi-property investors who have listed their property for rent, but can’t (or are tired of trying to) lease it out.

FRBOs are pro-prospector Kent Brown’s favorite lead type to prospect. They’re not angry like Expireds, less emotional than FSBOs, and more motivated than GeoLeads™.

6. Follow Up With Your Leads to Stay Top-of-Mind

Nurturing your database and following up with your leads might not generate immediate business, but it can help build a lifelong pipeline of business. The difference between struggling and successful agents comes down to whether or not they’ve implemented a solid system to consistently follow up with their prospects, past clients, and sphere of influence.

Coach Brooke Sines follows a proven follow-up strategy to ensure no listing opportunity falls through the cracks. By categorizing her leads and keeping up with a spreadsheet of lead information, Brooke always stays top-of-mind with her contacts.

7. Call For-Sale-By-Owners to Get More Appointments

If you think prospecting to FSBOs right now (or in any seller’s market) is impossible, think again. Know what to say to FSBOs on the phone so you can help them understand the crucial value you bring as an agent. Plus, they’re motivated to sell, which means quick and simple business for you.

FSBO master David Frost is still listing FSBOs despite the heavy seller’s market. He focuses on getting the appointment, building rapport, helping potential clients, and consistent follow-up.

8. Use a Dialer to Reach More Homeowners

Talking to more homeowners in less time means packing your pipeline with more leads. Dialing by hand is time-consuming. Not to mention all of the agents using a dialer that may reach leads before you. Using tools like the Power Dialer connects you with more homeowners per hour, allowing you to cut your prospecting time in half while improving your results.

Agent Greg McDaniel from swore by other ead generation methods until he started using a dialer (and tripled his contact rate per hour!) For him, it made sense to use a dialer so that he could be continuously talking to more homeowners instead of wasting time elsewhere.

From Lead Generation to Lead Conversion

With so many ways to generate leads, there is no reason why your pipeline shouldn’t be packed with potential profit. Choose the tactics that best fit you and your business needs, and be ready to unlock endless opportunity no matter the market conditions.

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