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7 Ways to Give Massive Value First!

Give. Massive. Value. First. Many of you know that the secret to getting referrals (getting on the Referral Cycle instead of the Chase Cycle) is to practice proactive generosity (not-so-random acts of kindness and generosity). The challenge is that this is a skill that is not taught. Reactive giving when others have catastrophes, major problems, or injuries/illnesses is common practice and a great societal occurrence. When catastrophe strikes, we rise to the challenge. But why don’t we practice PROACTIVE Generosity as a habit?

Well, first of all, we have our own challenges!

We have enough challenges, so why would we spend time helping others conquer their challenges? We have our own goals so why would we spend time, effort, energy, and/or money on others’ goals? The way to conquer your challenges is to help others conquer their challenges. The way to achieve your goal is to help others achieve their goals.
When you help others–especially the influential, powerful, and successful–achieve their goals and conquer their challenges, they will reciprocate.
So first, we need to be confident that we can take a few moments helping others because it WILL come back. Secondly, we need to understand that WE HAVE A TON TO OFFER OTHERS!
“But how can I help that ultra-successful business owner?”
“Help a millionaire/billionaire? How? What? What can I do for them?”
 “Networking partners… I don’t know how to help them. What can I do for them?”
 “I just don’t know what I have to offer.”
 “What value do I bring to this relationship?”
The first four questions I get asked all the time. The last question is what they really meant (the question behind the question).
Here’s the answer: You have a ton to offer others in value.

Here are the 7 Ways to Give. Massive. Value. First! The 7 T’s of Generosity.


Don’t underestimate this one. In our lifetime, it would not surprise me that we find that thoughts have a mass and velocity, wave and particle components. At one time, light was light. Then, scientists discovered that light not only followed wave principles but also had mass – the photon was discovered. It wouldn’t surprise me if a “cogiton” is discovered. How many times have you been thinking of someone – and they call? Or something you feared ended up manifesting itself – exactly as you had feared? Or thinking you SHOULD call someone whose name popped into your head and then you DIDN’T call and at that time you were thinking of them something incredible happened to them? Action: Take the time to think about your Ambassadors and Champions. Let them know on Facebook or by calling that you were just thinking about them. My number one “script” for database calls is “I was just thinking about you…”


Speak highly of others… but only if you want them to speak highly of you. As you know, “It is Easy to champion a Champion.” Speaking highly of others gives others the confidence to speak highly of you. (If they champion you, they know you will most likely champion them… because they’ve seen you do it!). Action: Who can you speak highly of today? Post a compliment on Facebook. Instead of introducing yourself at your next networking meeting, compliment one of the other professionals in your group to the group. See what happens!


You can give your Talent – and sometimes this is what you get paid for. You are a Realtor and you are a master at marketing, handling the process of the transaction, and negotiating. You get paid for that talent. Others can gain value by hiring you to use your talent. You also have talents others could use from which you don’t necessarily profit. For instance, you may be great at Facebook, accounting, email, piano, guitar, IT work, or otherwise. Your talents are great ways to help others.


You can give your money. It’s as simple as that. You can invest financially in others – by hiring their talents or supporting a cause they are promoting. You can invest in a gift, a book, education, or entertainment for them. Please note that Treasure is just one of the 7 T’s and it is one I use less often than most. Action: What is a book you could buy for a colleague, Ambassador, or Champion?


I use this most often. Your team is your Global Referral Community. This is your local and international network of professionals. Be a Connector. Don’t take responsibility for what happens after the connection – that’s on them. Connect professionals. This is a skill as well. As you start connecting others, you will start to get a feel for who to connect, who not to connect, and when to connect professionals. So much to offer in this – and what is great is that the bigger and more powerful your Community gets, the MORE YOU HAVE TO OFFER… and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Action: Connect two professionals today. The photographer with the videographer. The Realtor with the lender. The divorce attorney with the business attorney. The private banker with an affluent client. The web designer with the guy who trains dentists. You get it. 🙂


I use this often as well and just like Team, the beauty in giving massive value first with Teaching is that I also derive a TON of BENEFIT while giving value! When one person teaches another, two people learn. One thing you could teach others is referral generation and the power of generosity. You have wisdom inside you and others can benefit from that. Also, seek to continue expanding your wisdom. Read, go to conferences, watch Webinars, and fill your brain with good stuff. Action: To whom could you teach the 7 T’s of Generosity: The 7 Ways to Give Massive Value First?


You can also give Time. This is the one I use the LEAST often now but when I started, I used it the most. When I started, I had no money and lots of time. Now, I trade money for time. Time is our most precious asset, but it is also an inexpensive way to give massive value first. One-on-Ones are time intensive but they are also relationship boosting. Want to get into momentum with a potential client or networking partner? No better way than a One-on-One. First, respect your time. Second, respect others’ time. Third, use your time to give massive value first. Action: Schedule a One-on-One with your best referral source and during that One-on-One focus on helping them. How else can you give others time (a phone call, a handwritten note, an event or seminar, or a phone call)?
Those are the 7 Ways to Give Massive Value First. I’m hoping they will help you step into any appointment, any networking group, any meeting, any One-on-One… any relationship KNOWING that you have an incredible amount of value to bring to any relationship. You can Give. Massive. Value. First! And then you need to be ready to receive because reciprocation is the law of the universe working in your favor when you give massive value to the world.
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