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— by Jason Walters

7 Free Apps for your Business

Being a Realtor can become expensive at times so I compiled a list of 7 Free Apps you can use to help run your Business.


This App is my favorite.  It stands for If This Then That.  With this service you can connect the apps that you already use and create “Applets” to help you automate a ton of different processes. This can help you save time in so many ways.  I’ll give you some examples.

  • IF I post a picture to my Facebook Business Page THEN share it to linkedin
  • IF a specified RSS Feed posts something new THEN Share it on Facebook
  • IF someone posts an ad to Craigslist with keyword string “For Sale By Owner” THEN email it to me

The Possibilities are endless on what different Applets you can put together.  I have over 100 that run on a daily basis. It even connects with many Smart Devices for the home including the Amazon Echo. Here are some ways that ifttt can help you in the home.

  • IF I enter a specific GPS location (near home) THEN set A/C to 72°
  • IF I exit my home location THEN turn off lights and Appliances
  • IF the time is 6:30AM THEN turn on TV

Have fun playing with this app.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  Try to see how many of your daily activities you can Automate.



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