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6 Episodes of The REDX Podcast to Boost Your FSBO Knowledge

Stubborn FSBOs?… No Problem! Land the Listing Appointment with Darryl Davis

It’s time to get “R-E-A-L” with FSBOs. In this podcast, New York coach Darryl Davis shares how new agents can sound more natural, how to nail every listing appointment, and how to deal with the most stubborn FSBO objections. 

“We don’t sell people – we serve people! We don’t close people – we coach people!”
– Darryl Davis

FSBO Mastery: Objections, Technology, and Follow-Up with Tamela Staubs

FSBOs need you… they just don’t know it yet. In this podcast, Tamela Staubs explains how to overcome objections, optimize your FSBO follow-up strategies, and avoid unnecessary hesitancy during your calls. FSBOs are ready and eager to list… all they need is you

(Stick around until the end for an amazing FSBO roleplay!)

FSBOs, Lead Generation, and Maximizing Your ROI with David Frost

If you think prospecting to FSBOs is impossible right now, think again. In this podcast with David Frost, he shares the scripts and objection handlers he’s using to get homeowners to list with him. Discover David’s solid prospecting strategy that will help you maximize your return on investment!

“Your mindset has to be, ‘I’m here to help them!’ They need you. They need your expertise.”
– David Frost

Effective and Efficient FSBO Prospecting with Terri Murphy

If you’re new to prospecting FSBOs, this podcast is for you. Coach, speaker, and trainer Terri Murphy uncovers some “first-timer FSBO secrets” to help you confidently call these hot leads! You’ll learn why you should prospect FSBOs, what you should ask on your first call, and the biggest mistakes agents make when they prospect.

FSBO Fortune in a Low Inventory Market with Brian Icenhower

In this podcast, you’ll find techniques, tools, and resources to provide endless value to the toughest FSBOs out there! Coach and trainer Brain Icenhower shares follow-up strategies, scripts, and objection handling techniques that will help for-sale-by-owners feel like they need an agent. 

(Brian even shares a special download to his “FSBO Seller Guide” Template so you can stand out as an agent who truly cares!)

Confidence & Success as a New Agent with Guy Migues

Even if you’re new to the game, you can still find people who need you. In this podcast, new agent Guy Migues shares what he’s been saying and doing to help homeowners, and how he took nearly 30 transactions after only 10 months in the industry. Discover how Guy established credibility as a new agent and how he overcame the “scarcity mindset” problem!

Check out another episode with Guy Migues here!

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