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5 Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads In Any Market

It’s no secret that successful real estate agents need to maintain a steady supply of leads in their pipeline. This can be difficult during times when the market is experience a lull, and when interest rates are on the rise. Use these 5 strategies to help you generate more leads in any market conditions.

1. Call For-Rent-By-Owners (FRBOs)

One of the most underutilized lead types in today’s market are For-Rent-By-Owner (FRBO) Leads. FRBOs are different from other common lead types because they put you in contact with rental property owners and active investors who own multiple properties. Investors and landlords are much more willing to have a conversation about how much their property is worth and whether it would make sense to cash out and sell. 

Getting creative with new lead types and ways to diversify your client base is a must in any market. A lot of agents struggle to create a consistent business through changing markets. Prospecting FRBOs allows you to bypass the competition and create consistent income despite the market conditions.

For Rent By Owner Probing Questions

2. Call Expireds to List More Homes

Expired listings are real estate’s lowest-hanging fruit no matter the market conditions. Whether you want to prospect hot and fresh expired listings, or call old Expireds, this lead type is a great way to find more business. With REDX’s Expired Lead product, you get the newest expired listings every single morning and you can filter old expired listings by date to find information for homeowners who failed to sell but might be ready to relist today.

New Expired Listing Opening Script
Old Expired Opening Script

3. Prospect FSBOs to Pack Your Pipeline

A lot of homeowners feel like they can skip out on paying an agent’s commission by selling their home themselves. What they don’t know is that your expertise could actually net them more money, even with a commission.

It’s all about helping them understand the benefits of your real estate knowledge and expertise. REDX’s industry-leading FSBO data, coupled with a powerful script and the right strategies, will show these homeowners that hiring you is their best option.

For Sale By Owner Script

4. Upgrade Your Email Marketing 

99% of email users check their email every day, with some checking it as much as 20 times a day! Email marketing can help keep you top of mind with your sphere of influence, share information about your local area, and quickly reach your contact list with minimal effort and low cost.  Here are two tips for maximizing your email marketing:

Build an e-mail list:

  • Always ask the people you meet if you can stay in touch with them and add them to your database.
  • Create valuable pieces of content that require users to input their email address for access.
  • Refrain from buying bulk email lists. You want to be emailing people who will know your name and want to open mail from you.
  • Create a pop up or opt-in slide on your website that offers access to additional content.
  • Talk about your weekly newsletter on your different social media platforms.

What should I include in my emails?

When writing emails, consumer engagement behavior is the most important thing to consider. Creating gimmicky, flat pieces of content won’t make it past the EPS (email service providers) algorithms. Provide valuable content and include questions, surveys, or other things your SOI can interact with to put you at the top of their inbox every week. 

Always ask yourself, “How does this benefit my target audience?” If you can’t immediately identify the benefit of the content you’re sending, it may be time to step back and reevaluate. Images, tips and tricks, market updates are all simple ways to add value quickly to your email blast. 

If you want to learn more about email marketing, click here

5. Establish a Foolproof Business Plan

The first step to consistent success no matter the market conditions is a business plan that will weather any storm. Your business plan should be data-driven, built off your most successful lead gen methods, yet flexible enough to allow for future growth and development. Know your why, set trackable goals, and focus on consistency, lead gen tools, and your weekly schedule.

Incorporate activities into your plan that yield the highest results for your business. Focusing on the fundamentals like prospecting, sphere of influence, and lead generation will solidify your business foundation to withstand a changing market. Introduce new and innovative activities such as social media and community building to stay on top of successful real estate trends.

Click here for an outline of a business plan.

Real Estate Leads No Matter the Market Conditions!

The market is always changing and shifting. Thousands of homes are being sold each week, which means opportunity is everywhere. Use these methods to generate leads no matter the market conditions and you’ll be able to ensure a consistent and sustainable future in real estate.

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