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5 Real Estate Tools to Strengthen Your Listing Strategy in 2023

As a real estate agent, your time is valuable. The less time you spend on pointless and mundane tasks means the more you can spend on dollar-productive activities. Which is why leveraging tools is imperative to your 2023 listing strategy.

In this article, discover 6 proven tools that you can leverage to boost your efficiency, maximize your time, and take your real estate business to the next level!

1. Use a Simple CRM

If you want to work smarter instead of harder, choosing the right CRM is the best tool you can add to your business. They help you stay organized, keep in touch with your database, and can add a tremendous amount of value if you use it.

But a CRM should work FOR you… not against you. Oftentimes agents choose complicated CRMs that make more busy work for themselves instead of actually generating business. Which leads to agents giving up and not using one at all.

CRMs like crmgrow are simple, help you stay organized, and make it easy to follow up and manage your database. Tools are supposed to make your job easier, so choose a CRM that will help your business instead of hinder it.

2. Use GeoLeads to Grow Your Database

Growing your database is essential if you want to keep your pipeline full throughout your career. Power coach and agent Ricky Carruth has a goal every day to make 5 new friends. This ensures his database is full of people who will transact with him eventually.

One of the best tools you can use to build your database and fill your CRM is to use GeoLeads™. At the drop of a pin, you can get contact information for thousands of homeowners in your area.

So whether you want to call around a Just Listed/Just Sold, looking to invite people to an open house, or just want to get more email addresses, using a tool like GeoLeads makes filling your pipeline significantly easier.

3. Invest In a Dialer

As a real estate agent, the amount of money you make is directly correlated with how many conversations you have. So whether you call hot & motivated leads like Expireds and FSBOs, grow your database with GeoLeads, or want to follow up with your sphere of influence, picking up the phone is the best way to get more listings.

A tool that can help you double your conversations and contacts while prospecting is using a dialer. While it might seem daunting, it’s the perfect tool to elevate your prospecting and make more money in less time.

A dialer can have single-line or multi-line functionality, allow you to drop voicemails, record your calls, and more. Double your chance of success and invest in a dialer for your prospecting.

4. Target Your Leads with Ad Builder

Imagine if an Expired listing saw your face on their social media feed the day before you called them. Using a tool like Ad Builder does just that to make your prospecting calls easier and more effective.

Ad Builder is a social media tool that simplifies the social ad creation process and allows you to send targeted ads to leads like Expireds, FSBOs, GeoLeads, your sphere of influence, and more. Plus, Ad Builder automatically updates your custom audiences with the newest leads on the market so you don’t need to manually re-upload lists.

Try using Ad Builder to boost your social media strategy and multiply your chances of closing more listings.

5. Build Your Brand with Brand Builder

If you’re looking to take your social media strategy to the next level without needing to spend the massive amount of time it takes to do it, this next tool is for you.

REDX Brand Builder is a done-with-you social media tool that helps you create custom social content at the snap of your fingers.

All you do is submit a raw video about a topic from a prompt and REDX does the rest. You’ll receive 4-8 professionally edited posts that you can share on social media. No need for complicated equipment or expensive software. You get all of the benefits of building your reputation on social media without spending all the time it takes to do it!

Choose the Best Tools for Your Business!

The best lead generation strategy includes tools to help you be more effective in your prospecting and save time to focus on money-making methods. Try implementing some of these tools in your business and you’ll discover a greater return on investment and be able to take more listings in 2023.

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