Aug 07, 2019 by - Sharon McCormick

5 Real Estate Podcasts Every REALTOR Should Listen To

Podcasts are a perfect way for busy Real Estate Agents to stay connected to industry leaders, business strategist, coaches and fellow agents who inspire, motivate and share their gifts, with the overall goal of learning and growing your business. 

As markets shift, and disruptive tech companies continue to impact the Real Estate business, you can stay connected to those who are trying new things, sharing successes, and growing their business while dealing with the same challenges you find in your market. If you have never listened to a Podcast, they are FREE, easy to consume, and a gift from the host to you. In fact, marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk have stated “The same way I felt about social media in 2006/7/8, I feel about podcasting, audio, and voice today in 2019” 

While these are my top 5 recommendations, please know that there are a lot of great real estate podcasts available. Find the podcast that resonates with you, become a loyal listener, and make sure to share feedback with the host!

1) Lab Coat Agents Podcast 

Hosted by: Tristan Ahumada, Nick Baldwin, and Jeff Pfitzer 

What can you expect? The LCA podcast makes my list because it is hosted by energetic and knowledgeable communicators who have access to top level guests and have the ability to keep the guests on topic and guide the conversation towards actionable ideas that listeners can walk away with. Great Topics (Industry Info, Technology, Lead Acquisition, Mindset, and Culture), show notes with links to resources discussed in the podcast, and plenty of inspiration and motivation as a bonus 

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud or your favorite podcast app

2) Real Estate Rockstars 

Hosted by: Pat Hiban 

What can you expect? Pat Hiban has produced this top-ranked, 3x per week podcast that features interviews with top industry leaders, nationally known speakers, authors, and rising stars. With over 800 episodes there is something for everyone and as an added bonus Pat asks all guests to offer something of value for his Real Estate agent listeners (which can be found on his website under the tab Agent Success Toolbox). 

Listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or on your favorite podcast app 

3) The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience 

Hosted by: Tom Ferry 

What can you expect? Tom Ferry is the consummate motivator and publishes content on his podcast channel Monday through Thursday. Wednesdays are full length in-depth original episodes that feature guests who will inspire, educate, and provide training to help agents reach their full potential. I love Tom’s energy and the episodes are mini training sessions from his coaching playbook. 

Listen on: podcast or your favorite podcast app

4) The Hyperfast Agent Podcast 

Hosted by: Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak 

What can you expect? Keri and Dan are a husband and wife team that has built an incredibly successful real estate business. They created the HyperFast Agent Podcast to give you access to top business leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck & Grant Cardone along with Top Real Estate Agents, coaches, and industry leaders all eager to share their knowledge to help you achieve success at your highest level. 

Listen on: iTunes,, Stitcher, Spotify, iheart or your favorite podcast app 

5) Real Estate Marketing Dude 

Hosted by: Mike Cuevas 

What can you expect? Mike focusses this podcast on lead generation marketing strategies for real estate agents. With over 100 episodes recorded, each podcast episode features a rockstar agent who has mastered a specific marketing strategy and is willing to share their tips and tricks. 

Listen on: iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app


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