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4 Tips to Convert Expired Leads into Listings

With more Expired Listings coming on the market every day, now is the time to call them if you want to close more listings in less time.

Expireds are the hottest lead type you can call because they need a skilled agent like you to help them sell their home. Use the tips in this article to know where to find these leads and how to prospect to them effectively for endless expired opportunities.

1. Get The Best Leads

The competition for Expired Leads is tough. So many agents know the best and quickest way to get listings is to call these leads. Which is why having the best data and most accurate contact information is crucial in beating out your competitors. With the best data, you’ll get to the lead before other agents and be able to sell yourself as the trusted agent first.

While there are many providers that offer Expired Leads, they don’t all have the best data. For example, REDX has a researched-backed, proprietary algorithm that the data is run through before it gets to you. Which is a fancy way to say ALL your leads and data are the best possible match for the homeowner’s information.

This means you are more likely to get a hold of someone with the first number you dial so you spend significantly more time talking to your future clients. By choosing a lead company that prioritizes the right leads, your prospecting session will reap significantly more results.

2. Have The Right Script

What you say on the phone to an Expired Lead could mean the difference between getting the appointment and getting hung up on. The script you use matters. And while there are a lot of different scripts from a variety of different coaches, trainers, and brokers, you need to find one that works best for you.

If you think using a script feels forced or makes you sound unnatural, don’t worry. With enough practice, you can make any script your own, while positioning yourself as the homeowner’s hero. Don’t forget to be empathetic to the homeowner’s situation. They are frustrated because another agent couldn’t get the job done. Be the agent who will.

For a more classic approach, use this Expired script from REDX:

Be sure to check out this blog with 10 more Expired scripts to choose from. 

3. Know Your Objection Handlers

While a script helps you ask the right questions, you will still get objections along the way. Not to worry! With the right objection handler, you’ll be able to speak to their concerns, position yourself as the expert, and land the listing appointment.

Here are the 3 most common Expired objections and how to overcome them:

Don’t let the worry of objections get in the way of calling these hot leads! Practice your objections handlers with another agent to gain confidence in your ability to get the appointment. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

4. Diversify Your Touches

While calling Expired Leads is the fastest way to get a hold of these homeowners, reaching out through different avenues could help you land the listing. If homeowners see you in multiple places, they’ll know you specialize in listing expired homes and will more likely choose you the second time around.

A popular method to get in front of these leads is launching a social ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram. This method can be an incredibly effective way to get your name in front of expired listings. Make sure your ads speak to the specific frustrations and pain points of an Expired and make it visually appealing so when someone scrolls through their feed, they stop to look at your ad.

Another great way to get your name in front of these leads is to send a direct mail campaign. Top agents have identified mailers as one of the top ways to maintain constant contact with your target market. Mailers allow you to build credibility without even being in front of the homeowner. Check out this article for more mailer strategies to spread recognition for your business and land more listings.

When you’re on the phone with an Expired, be sure to catch their email address and ask permission to send them texts. This way, you can add them to a weekly newsletter you send out or follow up with them with a few text messages. You’ll be able to stay top of mind when they’re making the decision on who to hire as their agent.

Now It’s Up to You!

Top-performing real estate agents who use REDX agree: calling Expired Leads is one of the most effective ways to find, list, and sell properties. Now it’s up to you to determine whether or not you implement the tips in this article!

How REDX Can Help With Expired Listings

REDX offers real estate professionals a complete all-in-one prospecting platform for generating listing appointments. The platform includes seller leads, a dialer with up to three lines, and a lead management tool for simple follow-up. REDX maintains the position that all agents should be compliant with state and federal telecom laws – learn more here.

Call (800) 731-7339 option 1 to learn more about prospecting FSBOs, Expireds, FRBOs, Pre Foreclosures, GeoLeads, and our Power Dialer, or click here to get the LCA discount at REDX.


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