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— by Shon Kokoszka

4 Steps To Overcoming Objections

Every real estate agent knows that feeling…everything seems to be going so well with a client and then you hear it, “no.” That solid stop sign that indicates that your client is not on the same page as you are. It’s ok…an objection is simply an opportunity to enhance your credibility with your buyer or seller. Learning how to handle objections is the difference between being a door-opener and a real estate professional. My 4 Step Formula to tackling any objection is a great way to turn the situation into a positive experience for you and your client.

Click here to watch the video detailing my 4 Step Formula

First, it’s important to remember that as real estate agents we are not selling houses. We are selling our services for the benefit of our clients. In the case of our buyers, we are helping them find the right home, not just the one in front of them. Overcoming an objection to a specific home might not be the right result.

By following my 4 Step Formula, you can uncover the truth and move your buyers along in the process, even if that means they walk away from the property and look for a new one.


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