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3 Simple Tricks To Get More Leads From Your Facebook Ads

Listing inventory is at an all time low. Even with rising interest rates demand is outstripping supply. As a result many home sellers are afraid of listing their home and ending up homeless. So they are starting their journey with a home search.

That’s why buyer ads are turning into a great way to find and attract new home sellers. We see this all the time at StreetText.

Here’s 3 clever strategies to turn any listing ad into a high performing lead generating machine.

Tip 1: No listings? No problem.

Ask another agent or your broker if you can advertise one of their listings on their behalf. Who could say no to that?

Tip 2: Create a Facebook lead form ad.

Turn the listing into a lead ad. Upload photos of the home for the ad. Enter the description. And then use the website address for the property page inside the lead ad form as the exit page.

Tip 3: Use Canva to create a custom image for the ad with text.

We’ve seen the cost per lead drop 3X with this one technique.

There you have it!

You’ve just created a lead generating Facebook ad. Way to go!

If you haven’t already, come check out StreetText’s free 7 day trial, where you only have to pay for any ads you run on Facebook.

You’ll find the ad above and the 12 tips seller ad, to start generating Home Seller leads, today! All the best as you crush your ads and rock your goals.

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