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3 Easy Steps to Make More Money with Real Estate Mailers

It takes as many as eight touches for a homeowner to decide if they’re going to hire you as their agent. So if you’re only relying on a few phone calls to find listings, your pipeline could be at risk of drying up. This is why diversifying your touches is vital for staying top of mind. Top agents have identified mailers as one of the top ways to maintain constant contact with your target market. Mailers allow you to build credibility and find listings without cold calling. Use these mailer strategies to spread recognition for your business and land more listings.

Step 1. Decide Who to Mail

The first step to staying top of mind with mailers is deciding who you want to send them to. These lead types are most popular for sending mailers:


Sending mailers about Just Listed and Just Sold properties is one of the simplest ways to showcase your value as a hard-working agent. With REDX GeoLeads, you can drop a pin or draw a boundary around a property you’ve recently listed or sold and instantly get the names and home addresses for each property. Use this information to send out mailers about how much homes are selling for in order to quickly establish yourself as the neighborhood expert.


For-Sale-By-Owner leads are one of the most time-sensitive lead types to send mailers to. With inventory at an all time low, you’ll want to get your mailers out quickly. FSBOs can be stubborn, so be sure to include the benefits and net proceeds of selling with an agent. Consider including a testimonial from a past client who was hesitant to sell with an agent at first, but ended up having a great experience with you.


Sending mailers to current and old Expired listings is a great, non-invasive way to stand out from the competition and find people who want to re-list. Old Expireds are especially hot because of the low inventory market, and REDX allows you to filter your leads to include homes that expired a few months (or years) ago. Send them a mailer so they can visualize your value and better understand why they should hire you to get the job done. 

Sphere of Influence

The best businesses are built on repeat and referral business. That’s why staying top of mind with the people who know, like, and trust you has the power to beat out any other mailer method. Letting your sphere of influence know you value your relationship with them while also sharing valuable information about the market ensures they won’t list with anyone else when they’re ready to buy or sell. Consider mailing your sphere monthly newsletters with local market info, business collaborations, and home anniversary congratulations to provide constant value and stay top of mind. 

Step 2. Determine your Mailer Script

After you’ve chosen the leads you want to mail, it’s time to decide what content to include.

If you’re a REDX customer, Vortex™ will automatically populate a pre-written script for your mailers. Each lead type has at least one pre-written script that was carefully crafted by industry-leading experts. You can even personally brand each mailer so the receivers know it came from you or your office. Here is an example of our Expired mailer template:

That being said, there is no one right way to script a mailer. You can edit the prefilled scripts to fit your tone and message or completely start from scratch. The most important thing when writing a mailer is to make a genuine connection with your audience. The goal is always to fill or nurture your pipeline with solid leads, but establishing a simple connection with someone and adding them to your database can also reap major benefits down the road.

Because your space is limited when writing mailers, make sure the value you bring as an agent is highlighted clearly in your messages. Consider the difference between saying “My name is John Smith and I’ve sold 45 properties this year!” and “You have a lot of equity in your home and I want to help you cash out!”

The trick is to focus on what you can do for the homeowner and not make it all about yourself. No one will care about who you are until they know the value you can offer them.

Be sure to keep your message simple. An overcomplicated, text heavy mailer is sure to make homeowners lose interest in your content and will likely land your mailer in the trash. 

Step 3. Magnify Your Mailers

Now that you have your leads and your script, it’s time to spruce things up. Adding personalized content to your mailer leaves a friendly impression that homeowners won’t forget. 

One of the most powerful pieces of personalized content is social proof. Social proof like testimonials from previous clients creates trust even without an established relationship. That’s why Google reviews are so popular because you don’t have to use the service to know what kind of value you’ll get.

Another great way to magnify your mailers is to include photos. Whether it’s a photo of a home that just sold, a listing you’re trying to sell, or one of yourself, adding visual elements to your mailer can turn a bland sheet of paper into an eye-catching marketing piece.

You can also try including a market snapshot in your mailers. This quickly tells the homeowner that you are knowledgeable about the market, making it easier for them to see you as a genuine expert. Include information like average sales price, number of properties sold in the last six months, the highest sale price in an area, and more.

Another popular way to add value to your mailers is to send them something they’ll want to keep. Whether it’s a local sports team schedule, a recipe, or a list of the best local restaurants, send something they’ll want to hang on their fridge or put on display. This puts you at the front of their minds every time they walk through their kitchen or entryway.

Magnifying your mailers is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition. To learn how to create your own custom templates with REDX’s Mail Merge feature, watch this clip from REDX’s own Corryn Bostic as she gives step-by-step training on how to utilize the tool. 

Start With Mailers, End With Listings

Now that you know which leads to send mailers to, what you want to say, and how to stand out – it’s time to start mailing! Whether you’re a solo agent or part of a team, using mailers will diversify the way you reach out to contacts and help you stay top of mind with more and more homeowners. Plus, mailers are easy to scale and take less time than calling individual leads. Take advantage of the mailer opportunity and boost your business today.

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