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10X More Qualified Real Estate Leads With No Increased Cost

Ylopo is once again changing the game of real estate digital marketing with a new tool built to generate high-quality buyer and seller leads.

These opportunities are “intelligently captured” with dynamically changing lead registration questions which in turn provide agents with a lot more information about the leads including who needs to sell before they buy. With this technology, more than 1 out of every 5 leads is self-identifying as needing to sell before they buy!

LOS ANGELES, March 16th, 2022 – Ylopo, the leading provider of real estate digital marketing and lead conversion services, announced today the launch of Dynamic Lead Registration, a new innovation to real estate lead generation.

Dynamic Lead Registration

Dynamic Lead Registration replaces the low intent forced registration feature typically present on every real estate website with a higher intent option. Dynamic Lead Registration provides the unique advantage of being able to generate better quality leads than forced registration by pre-qualifying leads using a questionnaire asking 10 to 15 customizable branching questions that automatically change based on the personal consumer responses.

When the lead completes the questionnaire format, it results in a significantly more robust lead capture for the agent. Instead of agents getting the lead’s name, email, and phone number, as with traditional forced registration, Dynamic Lead Registration provides the agents highly detailed information such as if they need to sell before they can buy. As such, agent’s will instantly know if the lead is a buyer or seller or both, if they are already pre-approved with a lender, what is their price point, what is their timeline to buy or sell, and much much more!

Dynamic Lead Registration is a tool this industry has never seen for lead generation and the number of high-quality leads our clients have generated in such a short amount of time is simply unprecedented,” said Howard Tager, Co-Founder and CEO of Ylopo. “Our team of best-in-class developers and digital marketers worked around the clock for over a year on this innovative approach, and the pay-off for our clients has been a game-changer; higher quality leads with much more information provided by the consumer with no increased cost to our real estate clients.”

In the coming days, Ylopo will be rolling this feature out to all their clients across the United States and Canada as a massive upgrade to the existing forced lead registration functionality now present on all their branded websites.

Dynamic Lead Registration is only one of many new features and product enhancements being introduced by Ylopo this year as it continues to help its clients generate more business and better promote their team, brand, and listings across the entire digital landscape.

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