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1..2..3..Simple Tips To Facebook Live

The average American sees anywhere from 4,000-10,000 advertisements per day (1).

While our senses are bombarded with over 11 million bits of data every second, we can only expect an average person’s working memory to retain 40 bits (2). To be blunt, this means that most marketing strategies are dead in the water based on numbers alone. As for the game we all play and commonly refer to as real estate, we only have a 50/50 shot of powering through our first year and we get to flip a coin again for year number two. In a room of 10 people who just passed their exams and began their real estate career, only 2.5 people will be remaining two years down the line. As if the odds weren’t working against us already, roughly 90% of our markets business is procured by only 10% of brokers. How did they bridge the gap? How can you?

While Facebook live finally puts the odds in our favor and allows for us to participate in a truly remarkable numbers game, it brings no guarantees. Like any marketing approach, Facebook live requires consistency, entertainment, and education. The tricky part is all in the application!

Consistency is key

A simple rule, but seemingly one of the more difficult ones. Before you begin social media marketing, you need to establish a plan to hold yourself accountable to stay consistent and “get right” with a few very common excuses to this marketing strategy. After all, nobody else is going to do that for you!

While the financial freedom social media marketing brings to the table is exceptional, it can be one of the main reasons why you won’t stay consistent as there are no immediate or tangible financial penalties. With most other marketing strategies we commonly use, we really feel that investment when it doesn’t pay off and we have lost out on our time or money. Since a few short minutes won’t cost you an ample amount of time and the marketing is free, should you choose it to be, it is difficult to feel that same level of impact. This reason alone makes it excessively easy for many people to try it a few times (inconsistently), shrug their shoulders, and stick to what they already know.

I understand it can be difficult to treat a social media platform as a lively-hood. It’s challenging to shift your page from a personal platform meant for only your friends, family, and funny memes, to a full-blown marketing approach for your business.

I have come to find that many people refuse this method of marketing simply because they don’t want to pester their friends and family with their business and I have to admit, I find it odd how so many people are reluctant to solicit to their friends and family on social media, but fail to recognize that soliciting to friends and family is very likely what got them through their first few years and probably what continues to keep their real estate business alive. While you can maintain some privacy and you don’t have to open up your account to the whole world, it sure helps! Facebook is the most shareable and conversational social media platform out there, take advantage of this and ditch the privacy settings!

Outside of lacking financial consequences, privacy problems, and blurring the lines between business and personal relationships, we have another grand objection! Possibly the most common obstacle of all, content. The necessity to always be developing new content can be a grueling task. I can personally attest to this as I go live three times per week. When I began going live, my consistency was lacking solely because I didn’t know what to talk about…. but I have come to find that developing consistent content is much easier than most believe…. it’s actually right in front of you!

Whatever your objections may be, the Bottom line is that you alone are responsible for making your phone ring; it’s not going to do it by itself and it’s not going to happen if you lack consistency regardless of what your marketing approach may be. Consistency is difficult on a busy day or an unfamiliar setting, but I encourage you to ditch the excuses and allow yourself the opportunity to DREAM! What would you do with all that extra time and money Facebook live can save you?

Smile You’re On Camera 🙂

Take a moment and visualize with me. Find your favorite blank wall and stare at it for 10-15 minutes. Pretty exciting, huh?

A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face alone (3). Did you know, Approximately 25% of all songs played on Spotify are skipped within the first 5 seconds (4)? On a platform revolving solely around video, the average YouTuber sees the most engagement on videos that are two minutes or less, a high number in comparison to most other platforms (5). Oddly enough, the algorithm Facebook uses encourages a longer video duration ranging from 10-15 min. With first impressions taking a blink of an eye and less than 5 seconds to hook your audience, how do you get people to tune in to your live… for 10-15 minutes?

I see an increasingly large amount of people using Facebook live, and I always know if this marketing approach will work for them in less than 10 seconds. How?

We are asking people to buy us, allow us to help them with one of the largest decisions, transactions, and investments of their life. Every time we go live, we are asking people to take time out of their day to hear us out. We have done these transactions time and time again so it’s easy for us to lose our excitement…. but this is still a very exciting thing for our clients! It is always amazing to work with someone who is genuinely excited to help….. so ditch the boring intro, monotone voice, and “to do” facial expression. BE BETTER THAN THE WALL!! Just because you’re going live consistently does not mean it will work for your business. A consistent but unexcited live is the equivalent of purchasing a blank billboard in my rule book. Relatability is a huge appeal for any consumer and not many people can relate to a blank wall. Always remember to keep your intro strong, your energy level high, and some genuine facial expressions in your back pocket!

While brick walls are not particularly captivating, poor video and audio are truly cringe-worthy. To anyone who thinks that a walkthrough of your open house with the wind muffling in the background and an unsteady “camera guy” is a good idea… it’s not. Don’t be that guy! While it’s great that you may be taking the time to market the property and go live, keep in mind we are all hired to market the property PROFESSIONALLY. Poor video and audio quality just scream, “I’m not a professional!” Take some time to get a tripod, focus on your lighting, eliminate that background noise, find your best angle, and calm down because everyone can tell when you’re nervous and not having fun. Worst case scenario, you botch the live and a few people see it before you take it down. No skin off your back so don’t sweat it!

The Value is in the Education

While quality, entertainment, and value all go hand in hand, the value is all in the education. As we previously discussed, we are solicited to upwards of 10,000 times per day. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are all tired of being sold. Everyone seems to have something we need to buy and it is exhausting.

If you look me up on Facebook, you will notice that my business page is lacking. I’m not overly attentive to my business page because the moment I publish something on there, I become another advertisement. While posting on my personal page does not allow me to boost or promote my content, it allows me to relate to people on a more personal level. Rather than being a salesman, I am seen in a much more approachable light of being a friend. Would you be more likely to take advice and education from a friend or a salesman? Your answer is very likely going to be a friend because there is no feeling of alternative motives but rather trust and your best interest.

The most successful salesmen I have ever met all have one thing in common, they educate to sell. An indirect approach to raking in clients that always works. Not only does education break down some justified walls with the consumer, but it also establishes your credibility and shows the consumer why they need you. True value will always speak for itself so there is no need to force or sell it. To keep your content valuable, you must keep yourself educated.

Another beautiful component of educating to sell is a lack of limitations. When you go live to tour and sell that beautiful open you’re hosting; you are likely limiting yourself with the consumer to sell that one specific house. When you go live to educate people and you just so happen to be hosting an open house, the message shifts. We go from, “Come buy this house Mr./Mrs. Buyer” to “Here are some tips and tricks for those of you interested in stopping by any open house OR having one of your own when you list.” The FREE EDUCATION you give will pay off big time! Take it from me!

Like most marketing approaches, Facebook live requires consistency, entertainment, and education. The tricky part is all in the application, approach, and determining what makes content valuable, which we will discuss in an upcoming article! Stay tuned for more; I would love to see that 90/10 market share working in your favor!


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