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— by diane Plant

Find A Great Niche Market in Single Women Homeowners

This rise of single women homeowners is part of a greater social and economic shift that is reshaping home ownership. Women are tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along and start their dream. Women earn less than men (by 27 percent) but more than ever before they assume leadership roles in business. They are treated differently in advanci...

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  • Realtors these days also need to be concerned with their personal safety, as there have been an increasing number of incidents happening at open houses.

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe.

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  • A well-marketed client appreciation event is a great way to engage with your clients not only during the event, but before and after! When done properly, client events can be a great strategy in building your referral pipeline for years to come!

Micheal Hellickson shares a 6 week plan to cash in client events.

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  • Sometimes we get too caught in the trenches of running our business, and we forget to work on our business.

In our new blog you can learn how to scale your business with an ISA or Inside Sales Associate. Read today!

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  • If you market yourself as a luxury real estate agent, then you can attract high-end clients. Many people argue that it doesn’t really matter if you can be defined as a luxury agent or not, because at the end of the day, as long as the client likes you and wants to work with you, that’s the most important thing.

Read more about this topic in our new blog post.

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  • No one wants to see you wrinkle up your nose or listen to you talk about how bad you feel, how hard you fought, or how it “just isn’t the market for a VA Loan.” That’s lazy representation! You want the truth? I would have probably won the same bidding war you just lost, with your clients.. David Serpa shares in this blog how you can win the next one.

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  • No matter what you’re looking to get out of a live event, many people usually walk away having had the event exceed their initial expectations. Attending a live event can be somewhat intimidating for someone who hasn’t gone to one before... Read more on our blog!

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