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— by Rett Harmon

How Technology Can Be a Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

Sometimes, as a real estate agent, it seems like technology has made our lives harder. Because of technology, particularly cell phones, it can seem like the work never ends. Even when you go home at the end of the day, clients will still be calling you and colleagues may still be emailing you. But this […]...

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Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,, Real Estate, Home Appraisal

— by Hana LaRock

The Future of Home Appraisals

Having an appraisal of a home done is absolutely necessary in order to determine the value of the property. Lenders need to be sure that the amount of money requested by the borrower in a form of a mortgage is in l...

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Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,, Real Estate, Apps

— by Tristan Ahumada

4 MUST HAVE Apps to Download NOW for February 2018!

1. Tailor: iPhone Only Tailor – iPhone Screenshot Stitching – Stitch your conversations, websites, emails, and more. Just take a few overlapping screenshots and Tailor will automatically detect them and create one long, seamless image.  I have no idea how an app like this has not come out before. This app is SO simple, yet so […]...

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  • Have you heard of John Henry?

This guy’s entrepreneurial journey is truly inspiring. Considering the fact that he’s only 26 years old, he’s accomplished a heck of a lot.

I just released my podcast interview with John, and let me say this: he drops some value bombs that have the potential to blow your real estate business up!

For a quick overview of John’s tips for real estate professionals, read on. For more details and additional advice on entrepreneurship, listen to episode 758 of the Real Estate Rockstars podcast with John Henry. 🤩 🎙️ 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 👩‍💻😊👨‍💻
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  • Most agents are in real estate for the financial opportunities and freedoms it can provide. And, while any achievement – passing your real estate license exam, bringing in your first lead, closing your first deal – is something to be excited about, agents should be motivated to keep improving in any way that they can, by working to close in on more deals in less time, and make more off of each one of those listings. 
You might not be on “Billion-Dollar Listing” but, if you’re interested in snagging any higher listings than you’re currently closing on, there are a few things you can do to cater to your new prospective clients. 🤓🤑😎 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 👩‍💻😊👨‍💻
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