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Real Estate Business

— by Hana LaRock

Should Photos of Dollar Bills Qualify as Proof of Funds?

You have a buyer that’s interested in working with you in order to find their new home, and they want to do a cash-only deal. Perhaps they are investors, flippers, or even first-time buyers. When you ask them for proof of funds so that you can get started on the process, they send you a […]...

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— by Michael Hellickson

Master the Art of Referrals

Agents invest a lot of time and money in generating referral business, however, many times they drop ball in following up. There are 10 essential things you MUST do when you receive a referral to ensure you get more...

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— by Knolly Williams

Developing the Daily Lead Generation Habit

What is the first and foremost important activity of a successful Listing Specialist? Of course, you already know the answer: lead generation. In ancient times, our forefathers were hunter-gatherers. Back then, people migrated with their food source and hunting for the next meal was not an optional exercise. No matter how scarce the surrounding food [...

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  • Interviewed @mikemichalowicz today and not only was he brilliant, he broke down a part of his latest book “Clockwork” and also dove deep into his best seller, “Profit First” where he encourages you to pay yourself first!!! 💰💴
  • For the purpose of this post, we’re going to assume that you have received a great expired listing lead, along with your own outbound marketing efforts, worked and the homeowner asked if you could provide an information packet.

How do you make a powerful first impression with someone who is likely overly-cautious?  As you put your expired listing information packet together, consider some of the elements that would be of interest to your prospective client: 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 👩‍💻😊👨‍💻
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  • Full House!!! LCA1! #Labcoating
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