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— by sarah Chatel

Midsummer’s Night Dream or Am I On Track to Meet My 2018 Goals?

It’s August, and there are technically five more months to this year. In Real Estate, however, there are, in actuality, only three more months to generate revenue for your business in this calendar year.  Real estate contracts written in November and December will typically close at the beginning of the new year. In addition, these last two mont...

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Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,, Real Estate, Michael Hellickson, Client Appreciation

— by Michael Hellickson

Cashing In On Client Events

A well-marketed client appreciation event is a great way to engage with your clients not only during the event, but before and after! When done properly, client events can be a great strategy in building your referral pipeline for years to come! These events are extremely important because they provide you with an opportunity to […]...

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  • The ideal situation is when you can get high-quality leads and get them cheaply. To do that requires some strategy and planning, so let’s look at the most effective ways to invest your time and money when it comes to purchasing leads. ***This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Agentology. *** Link in Bio!
  • One thing that agents consistently express concern about is the rise of scams. If you’re able to detect a scam, great for you, but if you’re ever unsure or feel as though you can’t keep up with the different types of scams that exist. 
Read our new blog to see what you can do!

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  • Running a referral-based business doesn’t mean giving up your sales team. It means adding unpaid sales people to your sales team – Ambassadors.

Learn how you can transform you clients into ambassadors from our blog by Michael J. Maher.

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  • 🔥BREAKING!🔥 Zillow Group has entered into an agreement to acquire a national mortgage lender, Mortgage Lenders of America, LLC.

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  • 50-25-1... that’s Gayle’s system to connect with people at a personal level. Engage with them online and offline!
  • This summer, the travesty of my phone breaking occurred. As I watched my phone hit my ceramic tile, I slowly and painfully watched my connection to the rest of the world die as the glass shattered.

Learn more about what Barry Jenkins discovered when he was disconnected due to his broken phone.

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