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— by John Moscillo

When it’s a downtrend, what would you do?

I am sitting here reflecting, pondering the future of the industry and simply being grateful for all it has provided me. I mean it does not take a brain surgeon to know that we will see a downward trend at some point. Seems to happen every 10-15 years. 80’s, 90’s, 20’s. I was at KW […]...

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— by John Moscillo

5 Pillars of Goals

Yes, these are a little long, but worth the 3 minutes on the toilet to read. Click the save button and read it later and often. Let’s talk about Goals and Self Discipline. Let’s bring to the front of our min...

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— by David Serpa

“Dear Serpa” Broke New Agent

Dear Serpa, Ok, I’ll take a chance and throw myself out there in private lol. What’s your advice to a newer agent who doesn’t have any repeat business, extra money to “buy” leads, to buy a dialer, or buy a...

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— by Tristan Ahumada

11 life lessons I’ve learned in Real Estate…So Far

There’s a lot I could say here, but I didn’t want to make it the 100 life lessons I’ve learned. We’ve all learned about life, about people, about the world, ourselves. Sometimes, I feel, like the lessons come at unwanted times and give you unwanted truths. There are times that lessons come from the strangest […]...

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— by Kathrin Rein

How to change brokerages and not lose your mind

Recently I found myself in a bad spot: I was very unhappy at the brokerage I was at and in a desperate need of change but I was worried about changing my signs, my marketing, and also my colleagues. I am not a person to change ships too quickly so this was a tough decision […]...

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