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— by Hana LaRock

The Dos and Don’ts of Agent-to-Agent Referrals

Since your job depends largely on how many deals you can close, most agents aren’t so quick to refer their clients elsewhere. When you’re able to consistently and successfully pull in leads, you’re going to do your best to keep each client with you every step of the way. And, while you’re doing that, you’re […]...

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— by Michael Hellickson

How to Run a Daily Team Huddle

Real estate teams today suffer from a number of challenges including inefficient use of time, poor communications, weak or little culture, and lack of accountability and tracking.    The good news is that these...

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— by John Moscillo

You’re doing it wrong.

You’re doing it wrong Don’t get salty at me for telling it how it is, but 90% of agents are focusing on the wrong things 90% of the time. Yup, I said it because it needs to be said. I talk with agents an...

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— by Pat Hiban

Reverse Selling – The Secret to Getting FSBO Listings

  Most FSBO strategies work the same way. The agent calls and runs through a script that somehow convinces the seller to agree to a listing presentation. Strategies like this do work – occasionally. As a whole, however, they’re just not very effective. For every listing appointment the agent manages to set, they burn through […]...

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  • We’ve known for quite a while that technology is rapidly influencing real estate in both good ways and bad. Whether it’s helping real estate agents find better ways to market their listings, or it’s putting them out of work by making transactions easier without an agent, technology has no doubt kept those in the industry on their toes. But, there’s a new revelation about technology and real estate that will actually take it right off the ground, as drones are planning to take real estate to the next level. 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 😊
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  • Are you looking to enhance your real estate business with video marketing, but don’t know how to get started? In this post, I’m going to tell you about 3 common obstacles holding most agents back from using this vital marketing tool. You might be surprised to find that these obstacles are purely mental, but don’t worry—I’m confident that after reading this, you’ll have the knowledge to break through and get started. Most importantly, we’re going to make you excited to do so!👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 😊
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  • Building a successful and productive inside sales team is how you will take your business to the next level. Your inside sales agents will focus on lead generation, which allows you to focus on the business as a whole and your agents to focus on closing deals.  To make everything a little easier on you, I have compiled a list of seven strategies that will ensure you will build a productive, successful and reliable inside sales team. 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more!