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— by kevin Markarian

10 Power Texts to Use Over the Holidays

We are always looking for the best texts out there. We are always modifying and enhancing our texts and communication. The key is still to be as authentic and simple as possible. People don’t want you to spam them, they want you to help them. Here are 10 texts that we have used and that […]...

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— by Nick Baldwin

Change Happens When You Take Control

I’ll just get to the point. I suffer from depression. No, it’s not just a case of feeling sad or down because I’ve had a bad day. I can’t just “snap out of it.” It’s a feeling that is almost impossible...

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— by Mike cuevas

Your Relationships are Your Largest Source of Business

Keeping your brand in front of your database is the most important marketing activity you can do in your Real Estate business.   WHY?  Over 60 percent of business comes from the people you know. When you are forgotten, it’s kind of hard getting referrals or repeat business. What I’m talking about has nothing to do with lead gener...

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— by Ken pozek

Starting Over in a New City: 8 insights for a relocating Real Estate Agent

  We’ve all had dreams of moving to a warmer climate, a better city, closer to (or away from) family, but few think it’s possible. Especially in Real Estate when your business is you. In 2016 I walked away from my Real Estate business grossing over $1M in Michigan, started over in Florida, and did it without going broke. Whether yo...

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— by Barry jenkins

3 Email subject lines that increase engagement

We all know that text messaging has a MUCH higher response rate than email. I will be the first to admit I have email fatigue. Too many words = I don’t want to read it. I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth. And candidly, the majority of leads are in the same boat. It’s not uncommon to see […]...

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— by Rett Harmon

Five Fast Focus Points To Help You Become A Better Agent

Distractions are everywhere and giving up is the easy way out. But if you want to succeed in a competitive industry such as Real Estate, you have put those blinders on and focus. Not only do you need a plan, you need to put those plans into practice. You also have to be visible even […]...

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— by david Serpa

5 Tips for Establishing Boundaries as an Empath in Real Estate

“What did he just say?” “Every time I think that Serpa guy can’t jump any further off the deep end… he goes deeper.” Well stinker butts, get into your submarines and strap on your fancy yellow outfits–it’s time to go deeper! A lot of amazingly fantastic, spectacular splendiferous empathetic human beings gravitate toward Real Estate...

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  • Ethan Beute asked his Real Estate Friends about how to make compelling content for agents. 🌅

Read what they shared with us in our new blog!
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  • Most sellers have unrealistic expectations about what they can get for their house. They almost always want a little more than what the market will bear. 🏘

In this blog post Knolly Williams Shares his top 10 scripts to use in these occasions.

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  • We had a Fireside Tech Chat last week at TET!
  • Great time speaking and represting Lab Coat Agents at the TechEstate Today conference in LA. Tristan Ahumada and I did a "Fireside Tech Chat" where we discussed the latest tech we are using in our business to increase conversion and stay authentic with our clients. 
We also got to hang and talk with some super bright people in the biz, like Jessie Beaudoin, Claudio Ingleton, Anabell Ingleton, Elmer Morales, Kenny Fast, Andrew Flachner and more.

Props on the Nike hi-tops in LCA colors, Claudio!

Thanks for having us at this great event, Alex Pelin!
  • Always an honor to meet with the peeps at Facebook to give them insight into what real estate agents want and need to help improve their business on their platform. #labcoatagents
  • Do you know who your best brand ambassadors are? Your own database! It could be your family, friends, social media connection and many more! 🙍🙍🏼‍♂️🙍🏻🙍🏼‍♂️ Take the time to read what Mike Cuevas has to say in our new blog about how you can get more business through your relationships!

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