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  • After doing farther research into Instagram and watching and following those with successful feeds, you’ll learn it’s more than just a cute picture and a few hashtags.

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  • The sale and purchase of a home is, if nothing else, an incredibly personal and intimate experience. This is often a transference of real property, but also a passing of the torch in a manner of speaking.

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  • Did you know that customer referrals may be the most effective tool in your marketing bag? As a matter of fact,  42% of home buyers were referred to their real estate agent by an existing or previous client, and 74% of clients will provide a referral if their agent has stayed in touch with them.

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  • As a realtor, there are many ups and downs you’ll experience as part of the job. There will be moments when everything goes according to plan.

But, then there are days when you might question what you’re doing in this career.

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  • We have all heard for sale by owners are a potential listing source, but few pursue them effectively. I have found 3 keys to converting FSBOs: authenticity, rapport building, and opportunity.

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  • Have you ever had a client’s sale fall through due to a bad inspection report? Most listing agents have. In fact, along with undervalued appraisals, it’s one of the main reasons why real estate deals deteriorate after a home goes under contract.

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