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— by Dale Archdekin

Go Beyond Real Estate Scripts

A lot of people think that real estate scripts are their ace in the hole. They think that scripts are all they need convert leads, be successful on their calls, and make tons of money. Everyone wants the magic set of words that will get them the appointment or sale every time.  

But it isn’t that easy. 

The truth is that there is no magic real estate script that ISAs and agents can use that will work 100% of the time, regardless of who they are speaking with, and what their specific circumstances are.  

Different Types of Leads 

Just because scripts aren’t guaranteed to get you the sale or conversion every time, doesn’t mean that they can’t be useful.  

There are two broad types of leads that most ISAs speak with and two types of scripts that go along with them. One for inbound leads and one for outbound. In addition to those, there should also be special scripts for unusual leads like probate, home valuations, and specific scripts for unique offers.  

The point here, though, is that each needs to be tailored to the type of lead you’ll be speaking with because the type of conversation you have is different for different types of leads…






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