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Catch Up With the Coaching Corner

This Spring, LabCoat Agents launched Random Acts of Coaching. Why?

“With all the coaching questions in the LCA Facebook group, agents needed a place to find a coach that best fits their needs,” said Nick Baldwin. “Not one coach fits all.”

Tristan Ahumada said, “We wanted to get coaching into the hands of agents that need it but maybe can’t afford it yet, or haven’t chosen a coach. With Randoms Acts, we can expose different styles of coaching to those in the real estate world.”

The first coaches in this series are Shon Kokoszka, Michael Hellickson, Bubba Mills and Michael J. Maher. Each coach has already participated in webinars and provided additional materials, all exclusively available to LabCoat Agents.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive in and find your perfect fit today by clicking on a coach’s name above, or browsing our Coaching Corner.

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