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— by Hana LaRock

6 Interesting Things Currently Happening in Real Estate 

There is always a lot of chatter surrounding the real estate world, and these days, nothing ever sounds too surprising to agents who have been in the field for years. While the most experienced agents, buyers, and sellers are likely to stay up to date on some of the recent trends in the housing market, there are still some things going on that are truly hard to believe.  

1) Buyers are paying in cash 

Mortgages almost seem like a thing of the past now that people are making more cash offers on homes than ever before. Why? Well, think about it. There’s a lot of paperwork involved with mortgages, but when there’s a cash deal, things just get done quicker. And, when there’s so much competition to get into a certain neighborhood at a good price, people want to be the first ones to call “dibs.” 

Additionally, people realize that mortgages in general are unpredictable, based on the history of the housing market. Smart investors, therefore, want to make smart decisions…






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