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Providing Customer Service or Creating an Experience?

Customer Service is viewed today as responding to a customer need or inquiry when it’s initiated by the customer and often times can be routine in the way they are handled. Today, successful real estate professionals recognize in a highly competitive market they must go above and beyond and create a unique Customer Experience! 

It’s easy to have an intention and more challenging to have a mindset and focus on Customer Experiences. Let’s take a look at the dimensions of this opportunity in your business! 

For seasoned agents and new agents, this can be viewed somewhat differently. Seasoned agents may have been providing “Customer Service” for many years and now must re-examine what experiences they create for their customers. For newer agents with far fewer customers, this may be easier to implement but require more effort to understand and prepare to meet the challenge. 

I want to recognize in the beginning that it’s easy to feel that you somehow fall short and that the benchmarks are high. If you can understand that it’s easier to commit to make incremental small changes than to totally revamp everything you’ve been doing, you’ll be on the right path. Don’t fall prey to the tendency to give up before starting! 

Look for examples – Success Leaves Clues! 

Volumes of information have been written about the Customer Experience and we could easily begin with what it is not. If you’re like many in our society, you’ve either read or written negative reviews. We could easily come up with a list of things not-to-do to avoid negative reviews. You can see them easily online. However, in the next few minutes, let’s turn our attention to the positive side and focus on what we can do! 






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