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— by Grant Pearce

Five Mistakes Agents are Making on Twitter

Twitter is not the most popular social media platform, but it can be a great place for real estate professionals to showcase their personalities and get exposure for things like their blogs and listings. However, in an attempt to automate their Twitter presences, many agents are beginning to look a bit silly. Here at Back At You Media, we’re all for automation, it’s our bread and butter, but it pains us to see it done wrong! Here are some real examples we’ve encountered that you’ll want to avoid. (Identities have been withheld to protect the guilty.) 

Trying to Screen Followers 

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You know how everyone on social media is trying to increase the number of people following them? Well, surprisingly enough, some real estate professionals feel it necessary to make sure all of their followers are real! The ones we’ve encountered are using a service called TrueTwit to make sure that bots aren’t following them. Once you follow them, TrueTwit sends a private message on the agent’s behalf like the ones you see above. 






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