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Understanding Facebook Algorithms to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Facebook has always been the preferred social media platform among internet users. For a long time, this popular site was primarily meant for people to simply engage with other people in their network — generally, just their friends, family, colleagues, etc. Though it’s still certainly used for these purposes, nowadays, Facebook is used for so much more. It’s a place to start a business, sell products, start conversations, grow communities, and broaden your audience beyond just those people in your immediate circle, especially as a real estate agent. 


With comprehensive algorithms created by Facebook, agents like you can use those to their advantage. However, before you delve in too deep, it’s important to understand how these algorithms work. 

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The Basics of Algorithms on Facebook 

Facebook gives users lots of ways to advertise their businesses. Unfortunately, these tend to cost a decent sum of money, from choosing to boost your posts to paying for Facebook ads. Many people think that they must utilize these avenues in order to see any results. But, that’s not necessarily the case. 






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