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— by sarah Chatel

You Want Me to Sell What?! Lessons in Rising to a Challenge

No matter what your beginnings, where you grew up or your journey to where you are now, there have been lessons you’ve internalized along the way. Unconscious lessons that, when drawn upon, can be a bit of a surprise. 

In the beginning of my Real Estate career seven years ago, I never thought I’d be in a position to sell a property I didn’t know anything about. Sales 101 tells us, “Know your subject,” and for the most part, I’d say that’s true, except for when someone from your past emerges into your life and asks you to sell something so foreign you immediately think, “there’s no way.” 

Here’s the story and lessons from a Facebook encounter. 

You never know who’s watching you on social media. 

The great and terrible thing about Facebook is people can find you. On this occasion, a childhood friend from 50 years ago in rural central Florida sent me a friend request. It was thrilling to see her on my page; and, as I fondly remembered her from our idyllic “Mayberry RFD” days, I immediately accepted her friend request. Over about six months, Melody “liked” every post but never commented, so I hardly noticed her in the background. One day I got a private message from her saying she needed my help….






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