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— by Mike cuevas

Three Proven Ways to Get Referrals from Your Sphere

How do you stay in touch with your sphere of influence and past clients without always feeling like you are “selling” something? I see many agents having a difficult time marketing their database because: 

  • They don’t know what to send them 
  • They don’t want to be annoying 
  • They don’t know how often they should be communicating 
  • They don’t want to feel slimy 

You know you need to do it, but just don’t know how. My goal of this post is to simplify marketing your database. 

If you want to get consistent referrals in your Real Estate business, you need to consistently stay in touch with past clients and everyone else you know! I’m not talking about boring them with market updates either. I’m talking about just keeping a consistent presence so you are not forgotten.  

I have concluded that the best way to market your database is to not really talk about Real Estate at all….






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