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Find A Great Niche Market in Single Women Homeowners

This rise of single women homeowners is part of a greater social and economic shift that is reshaping home ownership. Women are tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along and start their dream. Women earn less than men (by 27 percent) but more than ever before they assume leadership roles in business. They are treated differently in advancing up the ladder because they are perceived as wanting to pursue parenthood. Women are financially independent yet they have a higher debt load and save less. They do, however, control their own financial decisions far more than in decades past. Women can acquire homes on their own rather than searching for a mate to provide them. It’s symbolic of success—of getting out there and doing it on their own. Twice as many single women are buying homes than single men. 

Women are motivated to purchase homes by a desire for financial security and the sound investment of home ownership, as Real Estate has steadily appreciated in recent years. Women live longer, think about financial security in their retirement, and recognize the benefits that home ownership provides more so than ever before. Building equity and taking advantage of tax deductions appeals to women, as it does to most buyers. Low interest rates, first-time buyer programs, high divorce rates and the fact that child support payments are considered income to single parents, have helped contribute to the trend. Single mothers also outnumber single fathers, and they might be more likely to seek out stability through Real Estate.  Also on the rise is the number of single women buying older homes, renovating them, and selling for a profit…






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