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— by Rett Harmon

Five Fast Focus Points To Help You Become A Better Agent

Distractions are everywhere and giving up is the easy way out. But if you want to succeed in a competitive industry such as Real Estate, you have put those blinders on and focus. Not only do you need a plan, you need to put those plans into practice. You also have to be visible even if you’re being inconspicuous with it. You can’t jump into the deep end without knowing how to swim or having a lifeguard on duty to make sure you’re okay, so here are five fast focus points which can help you become a better agent, at any point in your career.

Gain by setting goals.

If you fail to write down your goals, you risk failing to implement a guide that will get you to the next level. While it’s great to set long-term goals, the short-term goals will help you get there. You must have a vision for the next four or five years at least. In order to accomplish those goals in five years, you have to lay down the steps you’ll take on an annual basis to get there. Then you want to create a quarterly guide so that you make personal accomplishments. Take it a step further and narrow it down to your monthly, weekly and daily goals. Every day, set personal and professional reminders and goals of what you want to accomplish and tie those into what it is you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Those small separate steps will eventually come together to form one big accomplishment. It may seem hard at first, but it’s easier and more self-fulfilling to check off ten small things that you accomplished in one day than that one big thing you are trying to do at the end of five years. Take it a step further and sync it with your calendar so that you get reminders on your phone to keep you on track.

Another important thing about goals is that you need to keep them in a visible spot to remind you that you have a plan. Put them on your desk, put them near your mirror, keep a list in your car. If something is in your face every day, chances are you won’t forget it anytime soon. Sure, you’ll have some days when it seems like you aren’t getting anywhere and there will be days you feel like haters are hating on your progress, or lack thereof. Just remember that we all have a day where it doesn’t go right but we have to dust off, leave the toxic people and environments behind and keep on pressing. You see the end result, now take your steps toward accomplishing it.

Practice even if you’ve perfected it.

You ever notice how doctors and lawyers are labelled as practicing even though they’re professionals in their craft? Truly be a LabCoat Agent! Have that mindset of continuing to practice even if you feel you have perfected it. Thanks to social media, you have to learn to stay in front of your potential clients in more ways than one. The Real Estate pros before us didn’t have the reach we have. With today’s technology, we are just an ebook download from studying from the best in the biz, a Tweet from saying something is available, a Pinterest from showing the best countertops, a Facebook live from giving an open house, a LinkedIn connect from networking, and a YouTube view from watching a new strategy instead of sitting in a classroom.






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