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— by Rett Harmon

Five Ways to Better Connect Clients with your Community

When my business partner, Curtis North, and I made the leap of faith to open our brokerage, it was mostly because the place we wanted to work for didn’t yet exist. We both enjoy selling Real Estate and still actively do so today, but we needed tools, technology and ways to differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competition. One of the core values of our venture was a desire to build a deeper connection with our community.    

We chose Novus as the name for our brokerage because of its Latin meaning of “new and exceptional.” We wanted to reshape the way that most Real Estate companies think of themselves by not only providing Real Estate expertise, but by also staying up-to-date on inside-information about the area in which clients are hoping to find a home. In that sense, it is our goal to be known as “The Community Expert….oh and we sell Real Estate, too.”     

There are a lot of strategies for building your knowledge base about your Real Estate district, but here are five specific ways that we serve our clients by connecting them to the community.

1. Create a list of local service providers.

Whether or not we realize it, as REALTORS®, we are the connectors in our communities.  When a new family moves to your town and you help them find their home, you create a bond. It’s not just the house they ask you about. While there are some questions that are off the table due to fair housing, we can answer the questions our clients have about loans, home inspections, insurance, doctors, dentists, mechanics, salons, restaurants, plumbers, electricians, dry-cleaners, and photographers…..


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