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— by J.R. Maddox

Matterport: an Experience in Real Estate

Matterport, a Warm Welcome 

Open the door. Feel that soft breeze as the air from inside greets you, take a couple of gentle steps into a new space. Absorb the distances between walls, and let your gaze travel across the furniture. Touch the bannister and peer down the hall, the textured walls flickering in the light. You’ve just experienced the first, and often most visceral interaction that every home buyer makes as they consider a new home. This moment is found long after searching through listings and locations… What if you could bring the homes to your buyer? That is exactly the experience a 3D Matterport can offer to your clients. 

Take a moment and consider all of the times that you have walked your buyer into their future home and heard the words, “I like the way that it feels in this one.” Surely those words are not an uncommon choice before taking a listing seriously enough to purchase. However, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, getting to that point of satisfaction is not easy, especially without seeing a few homes first. What if you could get your client to view more homes in a shorter window of time? The joy of a 3D Matterport walkthrough is the pure simplicity of buying, and the increased exposure of one’s listing. This means as a seller, you’ll have much more informed potential buyers looking at the property. 

Unlike photographs, which can sometimes “hide” parts of the property which might be less desirable, a Matterport allows for infinite exploration.






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