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— by Andrey Nokhrin

Predictive Marketing: An Easy Way to Get Listing Leads

Have you ever heard the story about how Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did based on her purchasing behavior? Target would start sending the girl some advertisement with baby clothes and other products pregnant women might need. Her dad came to the store, very angry, and had an unpleasant conversation with a manager. Later though, the dad came back to apologize, since it appeared that his daughter was actually pregnant.

Every time a person makes a certain move, he leaves a digital footage behind – purchase history, address changes, Facebook statuses. Some of this data is confidential, some are open to the public. Let’s now see how Real Estate agents can benefit from that.

How to stop spending time on leads that do not pan out

You may have heard the old Real Estate mantra “Buyers are liars, list to live.” There are tons of lead generation platforms for buyers. After all, it’s fairly easy to throw up an IDX search engine and pull in people who are looking to buy. Of course, the other side of that equation is the volume of looky-loos and unqualified leads that result.


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